While I was in the Philippines, my grandma exposed me to the kitchen early. She taught me how to make excellent dishes to prepare for everybody. She wanted me to know what makes every dish so special from step 1 which is the wet market. My grandma showed me her secret and told me to hold on to it and pass it on to my future kids.


       When I came here to California, I didn't know my mom is an amazing cook too. We always look forward to our Sunday dinner because that is the only time we get to sit down and enjoy the food that she makes after our long stressful week. Home-cooked meals are simply the best plus, Mom made it. Makes it even better.  She made me pursue my dreams and making it into a reality. Thus, Serious Eats Catering is born! wooohoo!


      Having a meal with the family evokes feelings of warmth and belonging. This is our way of sharing the taste of love, from my family to yours in every bite. Enjoy!

Where it all began..

Me and my crazy supportive family

Me and my crazy supportive family

my grandma cory